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For Sale: Sacramento Light-Rail Station Names

Light-rail station in Sacramento, California

If things go according to plan for Sacramento Regional Transit District, light-rail riders in the California capital may soon find themselves in stations rebranded with corporate names. The idea to sell station naming…

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Local Gov’t. Must Play a Role in Making Cities Smarter

Stockholm, Sweden (Photo by Arild Vågen)

Twenty-five years after the public gained access to the internet, data has not only exploded in volume but also grown increasingly heterogeneous and unstructured. With the proliferation of smartphones and GPS navigators, urban…

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This City Runs on Donations

The July 11 press conference at Berston Field House looked more like a party. A staple on Flint, Michigan’s north side, the community center has basketball courts inside and out, as well as exercise rooms. Opened in 1923,…

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